Morgue Files 

             Here are Monster Artifacts for your enjoyment!


      The Munsters!

Munster family figures made by Present: Div. of Hamilton Gifts. Their necks have the makings of "© 1964 Kay Ro-Vue Productions China". They were made in the early 1990's.  Herman Munster stands at 13" tall.  Cloth bodies with vinyl heads and limbs. Lily has articulating arms.  They didn't make a Marilyn Munster doll.

Monsterpalooza 2010


Monster models that I put together in the 1980's.  Glow in the dark faces and hands.  I kept the heads and arms movable so I could change poses.  (click on the pic)

 A cool internet find!  This is from an old Japanese magazine cover from the 60's.

(click in the picture to see it in a larger format)

Here's a Japanese magazine cover from the 70's featuring monster makeup artist.

(click in the picture to see it in a larger format)

Story cover art from a Japanese magazine showing King Kong fighting a robotic Kong.

(click in the picture to see it in a larger format)

                                                              Boris Karloff

                                                             Vincent Price

                                                              Lon Chaney Sr.

                                                             Lon Chaney Jr. 

                                            An Early Bela Lugosi Headshot 

                                     Elsa Lanchester (the Bride of the Monster)

      Vintage Comic Book Ad (click on the ad to see the Frankenstein poster)

Two of a set of Universal Monsters promotional stickers from Doritos (1997?).  Does anyone have copies of the others from the same set?

Los Angeles Times newspaper clipping promoting the TV show "The Horror Show: 60 Magical Years of Movie Monsters, madmen and Other Creatures of the Night" Anthony Perkins host.  (1979).

>>Click on the picture to see the whole clipping.<<

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